Uranium: asymmetric trade

Economics has at its foundation a pretty simple rule: scarcity. When something is scarce and there is demand for it, the price is going to rise. This is the basic idea underpinning my Uranium trade. Let me show you the following chart: With such supply gap the Uranium price is positioned for a long term … Continue reading Uranium: asymmetric trade

FX: some juicy shorts

The FX market went reversal after the surge of the dollar in early March because the Fed provided CB liquidity, which is bearish for the currency (this is the qualitative theory of credit). On the other hand, now we are at really extreme levels as you can see below: At the sametime, we had a … Continue reading FX: some juicy shorts

April 2020 – Market Report

Overview The last month has been volatile in financial markets with COVID-19 scaring investors and causing shutdowns across the world and freezing many economies. The situation is still critical in various regions of the world, especially in Europe, while in the US I expect further deterioration in next weeks. The explosion of cases worldwide can … Continue reading April 2020 – Market Report