Market recap September 2019

US Dollar: back in early September the score was a 0, hence neutral on the US currency. The was right, the dollar went mostly down during the month, you could have adjust the exposure to USD during the month.

GBP/USD: the score was -0.5, as I suggested you in September would have been better to stay away. But remember, once brexit is delivered I will start build a huge position on the pound.

EUR/USD: here a short was appropiate and I did it. I took a profit at the beginning of the month as the trade reached my target at 1.09, I entered again a short at 1.11 but for a long term perspective, my target is 1.07.

Equities: the score was -2, a weak sign for price although not enough to short it. Even though the 302 is a shorting spot for me, indeed I went short and got out with a 3:1 profit target from 300. Nice and sweet.

Oil: global weakness is still on going. I think that oil might be a good short from here until the end of the year. For September we got a -1.5, during the months my checklist suggested me to short it and I did. First trade went good while the second one reached my stop loss. At the end they were net positive.

Gold: +1 score, nothing crazy, I traded it as the opposite to gold. It went all ok, and this kind of trades are more short term.

In the next days the market outlook for October will be out.

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