Few stocks I am looking at

In the past days I have been looking for stocks to invest in since I think we’re going to have a solid market growth from now until the end of January given the current macro condition and the actions of central banks worldwide.

With that said, I found two interesting stocks, the first one is Starbucks (ticker: SBUX):

The price went down from September until early November when started to pick up again. I consider this period of accumulation and now we’re ready to reach new highs again. Why I like this company? Well, first of all they have a strong brand image, I think that Starbucks has at least 2/3 stores in the most important cities in the world and have a worldwide brand recognition. From the fundamental perspective, sales will growth above 7% YoY for the next 3 years along with EBITDA margin, Here are some more information (from Thomson Reuters):

With that said, I think the stock can trade at 98-99$ within two months, if it brakes the resistance level I will go long.

The second stock I found very interesting is IHS Markit (ticker: INFO). It’s a crazy stock in my opinion, just look at the price chart:

It’s a tank that cannot be stopped. It has outperfomed the S&P500 by 26% roughly in the past year and I truly believe it’s going to continue, why?

They have clearly a competitve advantage against everyone in the world. Their PMIs are used by everyone and are key indicators, only for this info they are worth my money.

Fundamentals confirm my idea, I have a target from 80 to 90, let’s see how it goes.

These are just my opinions and you should not trade based on them. I do not take responabilities for your losses or profits.

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