Market forecast September 2019

The past month only gold has been a great call, we had really nice profits from that trade. This month I think will be different. US Dollar: if we take a look to the US economy it seems to be still strong. The advocate for an immidiate recession are slowing in my opinion, even though … Continue reading Market forecast September 2019

Market recap from August 2019

I had this week the honour to attend the discovery week at Nova SBE in Lisbon Portugal, where I'll study for one year for my MSc in Finance. Despite this, I'll try to post at least one article per week and every month my recap/suggestions. US Dollar: the US dollar is still the most desired … Continue reading Market recap from August 2019

Cycles matter. And they affect your asset allocation.

In the past days I analyzed business cycles, most of comments around the world say that "business cycles do not exist anymore due to CBs intervention". I believe this is not true. In fact, you can spot cycles by looking at the Global Manufacturing PMI. Here's the chart: You can see some kind of trends … Continue reading Cycles matter. And they affect your asset allocation.