Morning charts #1

Markets are making new highs everyday and despite riots in United States, new Brexit talks and troubles in Hong Kong. The economy is still suffering from the virus and the economic data coming out this week may give us a better clue on what the expect next. The FX market clearly is in bullish momentum. … Continue reading Morning charts #1

The race towards zero.

One of my key positions at the moment is being long bonds, along all the curve. The deflationary environment we are going to experience in the upcoming times is going to be very hard. I want to show you a series of charts to prove it. As first, from Zerohedge we obtain an interesting perspective … Continue reading The race towards zero.

April 2020 – Market Report

Overview The last month has been volatile in financial markets with COVID-19 scaring investors and causing shutdowns across the world and freezing many economies. The situation is still critical in various regions of the world, especially in Europe, while in the US I expect further deterioration in next weeks. The explosion of cases worldwide can … Continue reading April 2020 – Market Report

Economic slowdown, few ideas on how to profit from it

The world economy has been facing an economic slowdown begun in mid 2018, this can be seen in different data, but the main one may be the PMIs heatmap: At the same time, one of my favorite leading indicators was signalling that something was not in the right place: The inversion of the eurodollar curve … Continue reading Economic slowdown, few ideas on how to profit from it

March 2020 – Market Report

*This report was published on the 1st of March 2020. Market sold off this week vanishing all the gains of the first three weeks of February, the worst US Equity Index was the Dow Jones down 10.07% month to date, while the Nasdaq it’s down 5.85% and the S&P500 -8.38%, both month to date. … Continue reading March 2020 – Market Report